EverQuest alchemy
New Heal/Buff Potion Alchemy Recipes on June 29, 2005

Ralkor Stoneclaw (Potion Merchant)
(-30, +1390) Plane of Knowledge, western trader building

All recipes:
ingredient 1 +
ingredient 2 +
ingredient 3 +
Small Vial x 5 (0.010pp each)

Yield: 5

potion type ingredient 1
Elixir of Clarity 0.209pp : Katuka Bark
Elixir of Healing 0.209pp : Gerti Blossom
Elixir of Health 0.209pp : Cententialspore
Elixir of Speed 0.209pp : Arnworth
Healing Potion 0.209pp : Tregrum

ingredient 2 ingredient 3
I 31 none none
II 41 0.525pp Thorny Ergot dropped Pixie Dust
III 62 1.786pp Red Hellebore dropped Amanita Phalloide
IV 88 2.840pp Snakes Head Iris dropped White Hellebore
V 122 5.250pp Curuloth dropped Frosty Datura
VI 162 7.350pp Mugwart dropped Black Henbane
VII 202 11.866pp Bistort dropped Autumn Crocus
VIII 255 16.726pp Stinging Nettle dropped Red Cups
IX 302 26.250pp Comfrey dropped Ocean Ink
X 348 42.000pp Hemlock Powder dropped Nodding Blue Lily

Hemlock Powder and Curuloth are sold on the alchemy merchant(s) in Abysmal Sea

EverQuest New Heal/Buff Potion Alchemy Recipes
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